Ski History timeline

A look back at the important places, people and events of Southen California Skiing. 1873-1938

  • 1873 - February 3

    First recorded account of skiing in Southern California, from the Joseph B Tyler diary.

  • 1921

    Edi Jaun, ski pioneer and promoter, arrives Lake Arrowhead. One of the first in So. Cal who was a skilled skiier.

  • 1922 - January 16

    First ski ascent of the summit of Mt. San Antonio (Mt. Baldy) by George O. Bauwens, a professor at USC.

  • 1924 - February. 24

    First ski jumping meet held in Big Bear Valley.

  • 1924 - Sept.ember 1

    Big Pines Park, summer and winter playground operated by the Los Angeles County Dept. of Parks and Recreation, officially opens.

  • 1927

    First Annual Midwinter Carnival is held in Lake Arrowhead.

  • 1928

    Edelweiss Ski Club formed. One of Southern California's earliest clubs.

  • 1929

    First ski jump in Southern California built at Big Pines.

  • 1930 - February

    First world record ski jump at Big Pines. 137.5 feet set by Halvor Bjorngaard.

  • 1930 - Oct. 7

    California Ski association is created. Becomes the Far West Ski Association in 1949.

  • 1930 - December

    Walter E. Kruckman forms the Rim of the World League to promote winter sports in the San Bernadino Mountains.

  • 1931 - February 3

    First ski ascent on the summit of San Gorgonio by Murray Kirkwood, Bill Cover, George Gibbs, and Lloyd Cooper.

  • 1931

    Van Degrift's Ski Hut becomes the first store in Los Angeles to sell ski equipment.

  • 1932 January 2

    Big Pines Ski Club formed. Still in existence, it is the oldest continuous ski club in Southern California

  • 1932

    Halvor Halstad designs and constructs a ski jump at Lake Arrowhead. It is christened Halstad Hill. Halstad was a well-know ski jumper and a member of the U.S. Ski Hall of Fame.

  • 1932

    Walter Mosauer, father of Alpine skiing in the Southland, arrives in Southern California.

  • 1933

    Walter Mosauer, professor of Zoology, starts a ski team at UCLA.

  • 1933 February

    California State Ski Championships are held on the jumping hill at Big Bear Lake.

  • 1934 - January

    First slalom race in southern California is held at the Camp seeley Snow Carnival.

  • 1934 - October 6, 7

    Edelweiss Ski Hut is built on the slopes of San Gorgonio..

  • 1934 - November 7

    Ski Mountaineers section of the Sierra Club is formed by Walter Mosauer. He and 13 others make up the inaugural group.

  • 1934

    First instructional ski book published in Southern California: " On Skis Over Mountains" by Walter Mosauer.

  • 1935 - March 16

    First San Antonio downhill race held. Race began on the summit and covered two miles. Oldest ski race in Southern California.

  • 1935-36

    Sling lift is built at Fish Camp (now known as Snow Valley). This is the first ski lift in Southern California.

  • 1936 - January

    First recorded account of skiing in Southern California, from the Joseph B Tyler diary.

  • 1936 - September

    San Antonio Ski Hut burns. New hut is finished by winter of 1937.

  • 1936 - September

    Ethel Severson van Degrift becomes the first female member of the Sierra Club Ski Mountaineers.

  • 1936

    Clarita Heath Bright, a South Pasadena native, becomes member of first U.S. Women's Olympic Ski Team and competes at the 1936 Olympic Games at Garmisch.

  • 1937

    Sverre and Lois Engen re-name Fish Camp "Snow Valley". The Forest Service makes the name official later in the year.

  • 1937

    Harlow Dormer and Craig Wilson install the first tow rope on Table Mountain (now Ski Sunrise).

  • 1937 - April

    First attempt to develop San Gorgonio into a downhill ski resort.

  • 1937 - August 10

    Walter Mosauer dies of a form of plant poisoning contracted on repile hunt in Mexico.

  • 1937 - October 29

    Ski run built on the roof of the May Company's downtown store.

  • 1937 - Fall

    San Diego Ski Club formed. It is the second oldest continuous club in Southern California.

  • 1938

    Sling lift, modeled after Fish Camp lift, installed at Big Bear Lake. First lift at Big Bear.

  • 1938

    Eid Jaun and John Elvrum build a sling lift on the hill behind the Lake Arrowhead Village School (where fire station is now located).